An Ethical Approach

We love to work on all sorts of projects and build amazing products, but if we don’t agree with the project, we won’t touch it. Simple. On the other hand, if we're feeling charitable, well, then you get the picture.

Working with charities

Because we like to work with charities, not for profits, and NGOs we can offer reduced rates and in some cases fixed price websites.

Start-up businesses

We love working with new businesses, helping to build your brand identity and communicating your brand effectively across multiple platforms. We also offer reduced rates for new businesses.

Grant funded projects

We believe that to care deeply about your website you need to be spending your own hard-earned cash. Building a website takes dedication and time, something that you'll understand better if you are spending your own money.

Products associated with smoking, gambling, adult films or gay rights

This too is something we won’t do. We’re not against it, it’s your choice but we actively won’t build a product for a business/person that works in/with people in these industries.

Utilising renewable energy & environmentally friendly resources

We care as deeply about the environment as much as we do our clients (that's a lot). So, as a result of this, all of the internet hosting we use, paper we print with and technology we buy is environmentally friendly and sustainable.